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Today's rapidly changing economy has revealed our need to be data-driven. Whether making decisions for work opportunities, fair pricing, public safety and security, or buying and selling opportunities, this real time data must be accurate and meaningful to create a coherent and clear picture of the situation. Our proprietary data encoding reduces IoT network latency to send data up to 5 time faster than traditional means with 100% fidelity. This means 'real' time, not 10 minutes or an hour later. Our company provides this real time access to life as a cloud or enterprise solution for a variety of stakeholders in 3 product segments.

Crowd Monitoring

Dynamo enables visitors, shoppers, communities, and business owners to receive and share insights about deals in their surroundings in real time; therefore, optimizing their customer journey. 

Smart Properties

Managers and owners of malls, airports, residences, and others use Dynamo to save on energy and other costs, to get more performance and value out of thier properties in the new economy.

Smart Logistics

Logistics companies which are taking strategic positions to better prepare for the new economy are looking to use autonomous vehicles, robotics, and drones.  Our BLOS solution gives companies the edge to lead this front.


DYNAMO is an end-to-end solution for overcoming obstacles to good human interaction, resource sharing, optimizing building occupancy, enabling revenue generation continue, efficient process automation, which consists of sensor hardware and software for realtime monitoring or building historical knowledge.

IoT Sensors

Dynamo uses various Internet-of-Things (IoT) sensors, human interfaces, and other hardware to assess at the 'total physical situation'.

  • Provided per quantity
  • Total customized solution package


The software's back-end processes the sensor data for the front-end to tell the story to users by providing information through:

  • Used with wearables, mobile devices, PC's and laptops
  • Provided through cloud-based or on site license

The solution is designed for environments where real time or historical insight into people flow are needed for public safety, increase flow efficiently, or to add business value.


The world is rapidly changing for commercial, residential, leased, and owned property in ways not seen in recent decades.  Because more people work from home, demand is increasing for flex-use spaces, more buildings are re-purposed, energy costs are rising, an opportunity exists for businesses to embark new business models. 


With our Dynamo application series, we equip property owners and managers with the tools to thrive during these world changes.  Just to give a few examples...

• Residents & visitors get real-time information to make informed decisions.
• Business owners can adapt to boost their revenue growth.
• Shops and other businesses can give offers at any moment in real-time.
• Shops can increase customer traffic.
• Security services can increase safety with fewer personnel.
• Managers get granular insight on visitor flow.
• Municipalities get on-the-spot infrastructure insights.
• Facility managers can decide where they use energy.
• Facility managers can optimize buildings to lower costs.
• Cleaners and builders can work more efficiently.
• Dynamo may be customized to solve specific challenges.


Centerline command and control platform uses our proprietary Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) data encoding technology for autonomous logistics actors to communicate in real time. 


The goal of BLOS is to make rapid, large volume data exchange over long distances possible along the logistics chain through satellite, terrestrial telecom, and other means.  This is to increase traffic safety or impending incident detection as near real time as possible.  See Research:


Centerline is a one stop for all:


• Manage intermodal, mixed autonomous & driver logistics

• Manage permanent or temporary operations with modular rapid setup and packup

• Cloud based command and control of drones, autonomous transport, and robotic systems

• Manage technical and operational training

• Manage route, transfer, operations and scheduling

• Maintenance and Inspection management

• Monitoring, measurement, logging, and reportining of test, evaluation, and demonstration in a team collaboration

• Service order processing

• Connectivity with 3rd party systems such as payment, ERP, CRM, and others

• Customizable integrations

We seek to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

17 Goals to Transform Our World

The Sustainable Development Goals are a call for action by all countries – poor, rich and middle-income – to promote prosperity while protecting the planet. They recognize that ending poverty must go hand-in-hand with strategies that build economic growth and address a range of social needs including education, health, social protection, and job opportunities, while tackling climate change and environmental protection. More important than ever, the goals provide a critical framework for COVID-19 recovery. Read more here

Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it.

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Living The New Economy

Some have said that the new economy has shown us ways we can work together even with parties we never knew existed such as: ways hospitals and hotels worked together or how Uber and the Red Cross took care of health workers.  Other users are creating new business models which significantly increase job opportunities, and proving that teaching and learning are knowledge sharing practices not confined to just a 'central' school building or location. 


This is a whole new fruitful paradigm we have embarked with our solutions to move our economies forward.


Find out more why Dynamo is the new standard to prepare you for the fast emerging new economy.


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