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Powered by proprietary Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) data link systems, Head Communications understands the need for its clients to maintain oversight on their important assets.  The BLOS connected network provides high-quality data connections over the planet’s entire surface, including across airways, oceans, and polar regions.

In 2017 Head Communications proved the use of its network for connected drones and autonomous connected vehicles in the European Space Agency supported Intelligent Parcel Delivery multi-modal logistics service development initiative.

Our products are designed to deliver value, insight, and simplicity to companies and other organizations with the goal to provide new and innovative service models.

BLOS (Beyond-Line-Of-Sight) Datalink

BLOS (Beyond-Line-Of-Sight) is a data link device used in facilities and transport systems to deliver secure data faster to those responsible for monitoring and controlling these assets.  In many uses from crowd monitoring to ocean cleanup, BLOS provides higher volume data faster and significantly reduces the common problem associated with late, missing, or mismatched data between the asset being monitored and the control center due to delays experienced in old-school telemetry monitoring.

Adds value to the big data quest through:

  • Trading with fair real-time prices using block chain in the renewable energy sector
  • Collecting detailed data for wear and parts failure prediction in the transport sector
  • Real time traffic management of drones used in logistics
  • Crowd monitoring in multiple locations simultaneously in real time and / or recorded
  • Monitoring CO2 and pollution using thousands of sensors over a very large area
  • Ad-hoc logistics and courier service delivery
  • Several other uses.

More Info

below: the "Urban Autonomous Mobility (UAM) Management Solution" for parcel delivery as just one of many customized uses of the BLOS in an autonomous vehicle command and control scenario.


Use-Case implementing the BLOS data link in Autonomous Logistics …

The IPD (Intelligent Parcel Delivery) was a service development project by the Locust Group for implementing drones and autonomous surface transport for a new type of courier service.

The Integrated Central Control Network for this service, consisting of a scalable, integrated IT and telecommunications network, uses our BLOS data link devices installed in air, land, and water autonomous transport and controlling stations. Due to its interoperability and scaleability, this framework enables logistics service providers to extend their service into new markets while integrating seamlessly into to their existing business model.

While regulations concerning the use of a full autonomous service in some countries are still evolving, the current IPD design uses manned stations along the routes. The developers currently offer the manned setup for new locations in various countries.


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