Smart Mobility

Operate your own mobility service

Head Communications offers the CenterLine solution plus mobility service design assistance for private or enterprise customers to own and operate their own custom-tailored passenger or autonomous shipping service. Our telecommunications products and flexible application software for Smart Mobility are designed for air, land or water modes of transport and include such services as: 

  • Public transport (with real-time passinger counting)
  • Car sharing schemes (private or enterprise mobile application with web dashboard)
  • Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
  • Mobility on Demand (MOD)
  • Autonomous transport systems
  • Smart mobility services in freight and logistics
  • Drones and low-altitude aerial mobility
  • Remote robotic inspection monitoring

Most of the above services are commonly known in several countries but, because the drone delivery service is a new emerging concept, we provided an illustration below of how such a service is enabled using our CenterLine central command, control and communications solution.

Intelligent Parcel Delivery

A CenterLine Use Case and Background

Objectives of the service

The Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), commonly known as drones are used in IPD to provide a high-performing autonomous delivery solution for customers in remote locations. The service incorporates a scalable technical and commercial framework verified in a European Space Agency feasibility study conducted in 2016 using the CenterLine technology.  The service combines the use of remotely piloted systems together with ground transport and pick-up and delivery stations as a parcel delivery service for customers in difficult-to-reach locations.

Users and their needs

  • Regular / Express Parcel Delivery Providers
  • Emergency / Urgent Needs Suppliers for disaster and remote areas
  • Agricultural Farmers
  • Infrastructure Inspectors



Products Included in the service setup

Vodafone M2M Sim cards & Sim Chips

Sims may be used for vehicle trackers, base stations, drones and other systems for the Vodafone worldwide machine-to-machine (M2M) service.

Iridium Satellite SIM Chips

Iridium Everywhere is a world wide L-Band low earth orbit satellite service for tracking autonomous or manned, air, land, or watercraft.


Central Command and Control Application software includes: all user and management front-end, 3rd party connectivity, UI and cloud or on-site back-end.

The CenterLine solution may by customized for particular locations, users, weather conditions, and the use of other telecommunications providers based on availability in those countries.

Smart Mobility is no longer the future.

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